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“We are in a privileged position with Pavilion.
All the ingredients are here: perfect location, unrivalled
amenities and a vibrant, thriving community. We’ve
created this place so you can be a part of it.”


Pavilion is well-connected, positioned within the energetic City of Casey. The masterplan places importance on its proximity to on-site and surrounding amenities, the public open space, wetlands and native landscape.


Live fast and slow. Play, entertain and relax as you desire. Experience the lively atmosphere of the sporting grounds, or the intimate comfort of your local cafe.


Pavilion is a part of a prosperous and robust community. This culture of connection drives the shape of the area–the way it has developed, the amenities on offer, and the people it attracts.

  • “AFL is a strong vehicle for community inclusion... it brings everyone together and it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

  • “Skating is positive for the youth. It’s an outlet for a lot of the kids and they form really good mateships here.”

  • “It’s a great place for kids to come to connect with animals and really experience the farm life.”

  • “It’s a very diverse community, you meet a lot of different people and learn about their backgrounds and cultures.”

  • “Music and arts contribute to a great community because it’s a way of people connecting.”

  • “The art scene in Casey is vibrant, there are a range of people creating art and they’re all amazingly enthused.”


Pavilion offers a diverse lot mix, allowing you the flexibility to select from a range of homes by Victoria’s best builders. Design Guidelines ensure each home contributes positively to the character of the neighbourhood.

  • Blueways


    Blueways partners with carefully selected property development specialists to create wonderful new communities people want to live in and be part of.

    With a track record of successful delivery across more than 60,000 new dwellings and a number of world class sustainable industrial projects in China, Blueways has established a network of Australian based consultants. These specialists are experts in their field and bring a shared vision to invent new, more progressive and more successful approaches to residential land development in Australia’s strongest performing property markets

  • Wolfdene


    Wolfdene shares the excitement of creating a new home and we aim to create places where people live the lifestyle they aspire to. We see ourselves as a new generation of property developer, learning from what has been created in the past to deliver neighbourhoods that suit the way people want to live today.

    Our communities are carefully considered in their design, architecture and site–specific urban planning to engage residents and foster interaction. Our constant challenge is to ensure a Wolfdene neighbourhood is a neighbourhood you look forward to coming home to.